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In the past two or three decades, Logotherapy has undergone a  great expansion. There have been noticeable publications, especially around Viktor Frankl's moth birthday in 2005 with the beginning of a 14-volume edition of the collected works of Viktor Frankl. A moving film "Viktor and I" appeared in 2011 created by his grandson Alexander Vesely. The City of Vienna has been awarding the "Viktor Frankl Award" for outstanding contributions in the field of meaning-oriented humanistic psychotherapy since 2000. A comprehensive website by the Viktor Frankl Institute http://www.viktorfrankl.org along with a video library and access to the impressive amount of literature on Logotherapy has been developed. In 1998, there were more than woo published titles on Logotherapy. Currently, there are almost 450 books and 400 master and doctoral theses. More than 600 empirical investigations have provided evidence for the effectiveness of Logotherapy, including the development of 15 specific logotherapeutic instruments.


Today, Logotherapy is organized through an International Association of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis at the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna. This society is active in 4o countries worldwide with 115 accredited institutions (as of January 1, 2018). This makes this organization the most widely spread existential organization in the world. There are ongoing lectures at various universities and training programs in institutions accredited by the Viktor Frankl Institute of Vienna under the guidance of Prof. Alexander Batthyony. The tradition of a Viktor Frankl lecture at the Vienna Medical School is still alive. There are biennial international congresses organized by the Viktor Frankl Institute Vienna (Prof. Batthyany) with several hundred attendants and between 10 to 20 local conferences in different countries around the world every year, as well as an innumerable number of journals. In Austria, Logotherapy is also recognized by the state as an approach to psychotherapy and Counselling.




Existential Analysis and

Logotherapy in the UK


Dr Laengle is the founder of Existential Analysis. He is the organiser and is responsible for the training students will undertake in EA. He is assisted in the UK by Julia Morozova and Aleksandra Kupavskaya. Both are trained psychotherapists and assist Dr Laengle in the running of Existential Analysis in the UK.

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