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Developed by GLE
With Dr Alfried Langle as Programme Director
and Principal Teacher

Uncover the human mind and get your Psychotherapy Diploma in Existential Analysis



Existential Analysis can be described as phenomenologically-open  and person-oriented psychotherapy. Human existence is shaped by the capacity to make authentic decisions while being fully conscious of both one's freedom and one’s responsibility.

The aim of Existential Analysis is to guide an individual towards leading their life authentically and freely. This is accomplished through a practical methodology of continually bringing into focus their ‘inner consent’ while working on their fundamental existential motivations and phenomenologically-open processing any issues, conflicts or traumas. It deals with the whole person and not the symptoms, it is a method that can be applied to all kinds of psychological problems and disorders.

Although this description resonates quite well with the Rogerian concept of ‘congruence’, EA places the emphasis on active decision-making, individual commitments, emotionally based relationships and (self-)understanding rather than interpretations, constructs, external adaptation or judgements.

The GLE-International training programme was created by Dr Alfried Längle in 1992 and is based on foundations developed together with Viktor Frankl as well as Längle' s own later research. Today, this highly successful training course is taught in North America, South America, Russia and across Europe.

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This course will provide you an enhanced learning experience which focuses on you as an individual and delivers personal, dedicated training.

The core aim of Existential Analysis is to help people recognise and come to terms with their emotions and behaviours in order to be able to live with their own ‘inner consent’.

The Diploma (Certificate) from GLE International qualifies people to practice counselling, psychotherapy and coaching in the UK.

GLE International is a member of FETE (Federation of Existential Therapy in Europe), which is also recognized by UKCP.

Austrian Training Programme For Psychotherapists is now available worldwide. Our full training course gives you unique skills in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy and opens up new paths for your future.