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Existential Analysis can be described as phenomenological and person-oriented psychotherapy. Human existence is shaped by the capacity to make authentic decisions while being fully conscious of both one's freedom and one’s responsibility.

The aim of Existential Analysis is to guide an individual towards leading their life authentically and freely. This is accomplished through a practical methodology of continually bringing into focus their ‘inner consent’ while working on their fundamental existential motivations and phenomenologically processing any issues, conflicts or traumas. It deals with the whole person and not the symptoms, it is a method that can be applied to all kinds of psychological problems and disorders.

Although this description resonates with the Rogerian concept of ‘congruence’, EA places far more emphasis on active decision-making and individual commitments rather than any accompanying moods or feelings.

The GLE International training programme was created by Dr Alfried Laengle in 1991 and is based on foundations developed together with Viktor Frankl as well as Laengle' s own later research. Today, this highly successful training course is taught in North America, South America, Russia and across Europe.

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This course will provide you an enhanced learning experience which focuses on you as an individual and delivers personal, dedicated training.

The core aim of Existential Analysis is to help people recognise and come to terms with their emotions and behaviours in order to be able to live with their own ‘inner consent’.

The Diploma (Certificate) from GLE International qualifies people to practice counselling, psychotherapy and coaching in the UK.

GLE International is a member of FETE (Federation of Existential Therapy in Europe), which is also recognized by UKCP.

Austrian Training Programme For Psychotherapists is now available in the UK. Our full training course gives you unique skills in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy and opens up new paths for your future.



HR Specialists


and those interested in expanding  their professional horizons and range of techniques

Helping professions such as:



Social Workers

Life Coaches

Those who are looking for a career change:

​those who would like to communicate with others on a regular basis, and help them solve problems to find their true self 

Those who are interested in deepening their self-knowledge:

who try to understand themselves and others better, to lead a meaningful and balanced life.

What will you get from an


  • Ways to find meaning

  • The key to having a fulfilling personal life

  • Tools on how to help others to come to such a life

  • Knowledge about the structure of existence: how it is built and how life functions

  • Develop a new openness and mindfulness to the world and oneself

  • Understand psychic disorders and problems and how they originate from the fundaments of existence

  • Personal growth and development while acquiring professional excellence

  • Inspiration from the life-experience and encounters of other group members


Psychotherapist, Existential Analyst, Clinical Psychologist, MD, Ph.D. Successor for Viktor Frankl.

Scientific developments in Psychotherapy and Existential Analysis.

Ex-president of the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-I).

Founder and scientific supervisor of a number of educational centers of existential analysis in Berlin, Hanover, Munich, Bern, Zurich, Vienna, Innsbruck, Prague, Moscow, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Riga, London.

Author of several books and a large number of scientific articles devoted to the theory and practice of existential analysis.

*The classes are conducted by Alfried Laengle and other trainers from GLE International: 

Derrick Klaassen, Ph.D., Vancouver B.C.

Käri-Ann Thorn, Vancouver B.C.

Beth Daily, Vancouver B.C.

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The basic training centers thematically on the transmission of existential analytical anthropology and coping with existential borderline situations and crises (the teaching of meaning and existence). It deals with the questions of human nature and personhood. It also deals with existential motivation and the effects and symptoms of existential failure.



The contents will be reached, for the most part, by self awareness (inductive) and completed through lectures and discussions using illustrations of cases. The self aware interaction of personal experiences, coping behavior and points of view concerning the theoretical content generates a special plasticity and promotes a personal, emotional access.

Admission & introductory seminar

April 1  14.00 – 20.00

April 2  13.00 – 19.00

April 3  13.00 – 19.00


April 22  14.00 – 20.00

April 23  13.00 – 19.00

April 24  13.00 – 19.00

Click here for the full schedule of the Course

Topics for the psychotherapeutic training in Existential Analysis

This course will be covering topics such as:

  • Introduction and framework to Existential Analysis

  • Existential Analysis theory of motivations

  • Fundamental motivation

  • Therapeutic relationships and dialogue

  • Fear, phobia, panic, compulsion; fearful personality disorder​

For full list and more details please follow the link below.

Training will take place once a month, weekends + Fridays. 

The majority of the training will be online.


Once a year there will be face-to-face meetings in London, Vienna or another European city for 5 full days. 

Face to face Training in London

9-13 May 2022


18 modules

(4.5 consecutive days per module)

4 modules per year (4,5 years)

Subjects: personality theories, theory of existence, existential motivations in theory and practice, methods of working with clients, clinical theory (psychopathology, aetiology) and self-reflection groups. The education program is provided in a comprehensive manner.

50 hours of self-awareness **

Individual sessions with course lecturers or with therapists, certified by GLE-International.

Practical work **

At least 600 hours of client work conducted by the student, supported by reports.

245 hours* Self reflection

in experiential group  

The participants of the course meet regularly throughout the training to work on understanding and applying the existential concepts.

150 hours of group supervision *

Supervision of client cases: at least 150 hours (individual and in groups) including discussion of 5-7 cases from students’ own practice.

* 1 academic hour = 50 min 

**Individual consultations (individual self-reflection), private and group supervision, exam retakes are charged separately.



prices are to be specified



EA therapist is £70-120 per session

  • no cost EA small groups

Minimum 50 hours (usually 70-80 hours)

  • Minimum 32 hours individually with therapist - minimum 16 of these hours with EA therapist (for other therapists, 2 hours count as 1 hour)

  • Maximum 18 hours in EA small groups (3 hours count as 1 hour, hence maximum 54 hours in EA small groups)


EA supervision day ( 8 hours):

£100 for students.

Maximum 150 hours


Minimum 75 hours with EA therapist



3-5 written exams

Successful written examination - 85% pass mark. It is possible to re-sit the exam for an additional fee.



Written paper of at least 30 pages

(double spaced in standard academic format)

A case study or research work conducted using the existential analytical methodology. An article published in a scientific journal is sufficient to count as graduate work.


Students who meet the qualification requirements obtain a Diploma from GLE-International

The Psychotherapy Diploma forms the basis to obtain certificates from 

the European Association for Psychotherapy.




Make sure you meet following criteria to proceed application.


  • Education:  bachelor’s degree in any discipline

  • Good knowledge of English

  • 1-4 month experience in helping the environment (paid or voluntary), such as befriending, telephone support, nursing, etc.


         Successful completion of:

  • application interview with Alfried Laengle
    (application form)

  • a two day self-awareness seminar at the start of the course


These criteria serve the GLE as a basis for the decision concerning entrance permission or rejection of the candidate.


Follow these steps to join our course.


Submit application by filling out the form here.


Get invited and pass interview with Alfried Laengle.


Pay the fee and start learning Existential Analysis.




Existential Analysis and

Logotherapy in the UK


Dr Laengle is the founder of Existential Analysis. He is the organiser and is responsible for the training students will undertake in EA. He is assisted in the UK by Julia Morozova and Aleksandra Kupavskaya. Both are trained psychotherapists and assist Dr Laengle in the running of Existential Analysis in the UK.

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