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GLE-Association Worldwide

Colleagues & Collaborators

GLE – Affiliates Around the World

Austria - Gesellschaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse (GLE) International:

Argentina - Associación Argentina de Analisi Existencial y Logoterapia:

Germany – GLE – Deutschland Gesellschaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse:

Switzerland - Gesellschaft für Existenzanalyse Schweiz :

Chile - Instituto Chileno de Análisis Existencial:

Mexico - Centro Mexicano de Análisis Existencial y Logoterapia :

Poland - Stowarzyszenie Psychoterapii Egzystencjalnej:

Romania - Logoterapie, Consiliere, Însoţireşi Psihoterapie Existentiala Analitica:

Russia -   Ассоциация Экзистенциально-Аналитических     Психологов и Психотерапевтов:

Slovakia - Spoločnosť pre logoterapiu a existenciálnu analýzu:

Czech Republic - Společnost pro logoterapii a existenciální analýzu:

Canada -The Existential Analysis Society of Canada :


EA-Master programs at universities are provided at the following places:


GLE-Austria, in collaboration with the University of Salzburg, offers full training in EA and a master diploma from that university, starting in fall 2016 and is then offered every year. 
For more information please contact Mag. Bukovski Renate


Sigmund Freud Univ. (SFU) (in German) – please contact GLE-Ö (

HSE Moscow:

(Psychol. Dept. Higher School of Economics) – see: and contact Prof. Shumski Vladimir (

Since 2009, the psychological department of HSE (Higher School of Economics Moscow) offers a Russian Master of Psychology based on EA training (incl. all exams, group and individual self-experience). Upon completion of additional praxis and supervision, students also receive the counselling diploma of GLE-International.

The Master program starts every year in Fall.

Santiago de Chile:

please contact Croquevieille Michèle (

Other Existential Psychotherapy Societies Around the World

California, USA - Existential-Humanistic Institute:

London, UK - New School:

London, UK - Society for Existential Analysis:

World Confederation for Existential Therapy:


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