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Austria - Gesellschaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse (GLE) International:

Argentina - Associación Argentina de Analisi Existencial y Logoterapia:

Germany – GLE – Deutschland Gesellschaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse:

Switzerland - Gesellschaft für Existenzanalyse Schweiz :

Chile - Instituto Chileno de Análisis Existencial:

Mexico - Centro Mexicano de Análisis Existencial y Logoterapia :

Poland - Stowarzyszenie Psychoterapii Egzystencjalnej:

Romania - Logoterapie, Consiliere, Însoţireşi Psihoterapie Existentiala Analitica:

Russia -   Ассоциация Экзистенциально-Аналитических     Психологов и Психотерапевтов:

Slovakia - Spoločnosť pre logoterapiu a existenciálnu analýzu:

Czech Republic - Společnost pro logoterapii a existenciální analýzu:

Canada -The Existential Analysis Society of Canada :


EA-Master programs at universities are provided at the following places:


GLE-Austria in collaboration with the university of Salzburg offers a full training in EA and a master diploma from that university, starting in fall 2016 and every year.
For more information please contact Mag. Bukovski Renate


Sigmund Freud Univ. (SFU) (in German) – please contact GLE-Ö (

Santiago de Chile:

please contact Croquevieille Michèle (

HSE Moscow:

(Psychol. Dept. Higher School of Economics) – see: and contact Prof. Shumski Vladimir (

At HSE (Higher School of Economics Moscow), psychological Department, since 2009 there is a possibility for a master study with Russian diploma of master of psychology gained on the basis of a training in EA (incl. all exams, group and individual self-experience). When the needed additional praxis and supervision is completed, the participants receive also the counselling diploma of GLE-International.

The Masterprogram starts every year in the fall.

Other Existential Psychotherapy Societies Around the World

California, USA - Existential-Humanistic Institute:

London, UK - New School:

London, UK - Society for Existential Analysis:

World Confederation for Existential Therapy:




Existential Analysis and

Logotherapy in the UK


Dr Laengle is the founder of Existential Analysis. He is the organiser and is responsible for the training students will undertake in EA. He is assisted in the UK by Julia Morozova and Aleksandra Kupavskaya. Both are trained psychotherapists and assist Dr Laengle in the running of Existential Analysis in the UK.

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