with Alfried Laengle and other existential analysts

23rd February

10:00 - 18:00 (London time)


We're excited to invite you to an Open Day with Dr. Alfried Längle, the famous Austrian existential psychotherapist who currently serves as the President of the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-I).


This seminar will also provide an introduction and insights into the full training course in Existential Analysis that will start in London in May 2019. Participants will have a chance to engage in the workshops similar to those, which will be run during the training programme.

This event intended for the wide public as well as for those interested in studying Existential Analysis further. The event suits all professionals who regularly interact with people, such as psychologists, physicians, social workers, counsellors, coaches, and others.

This weekend will cover topics such as:
• How to lead a fulfilling life? 
• What are the fundamental structures and elements that compose it? 
• Ways to access fulfillment in life?
• Deficits of these structures lead to psychopathology?

What does it mean to really live?

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19.00 - 19.30 


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I am born and find myself in this world – but do I have the feeling to really live right now?

  • Did I ever have such a feeling of being really there?

  • What does it take to gain such experience, to be  fully there and to participate in this world?

  • Whilst at the same time, can I be with myself in a good relationship?

  • This mini-lecture will give some input into these questions.

18th October

Really living


19.00 - 20.00 (London time) 


Webinar on the theme “Really living” with some short further input, reflection, discussion, Q&A and supervision. 


Participants are encouraged to bring cases, problems from their practices or lives.


There is also the possibility of some cases being presented.

Why can acceptance sometime be difficult?  

How can we improve it?

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19.00 - 19.30  


Life does not always treat us the way we would like. Life sometimes confronts us with difficult situations, problems, disappointments, sufferings etc.


  • In such cases, acceptance can be extremely difficult, but why?

  • What are the psychological reasons that sometimes make it difficult to come to acceptance?

  • What does accept mean?

  • How does it work?

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Dr. Derrick Klaassen

13th December



19.00 - 20.00  


Dr. Derrick Klaassen

Questions and answers, case reflections

The aim of the webinar will be to provide an initial overview of these varying reactions and responses to difficult life situations, and, through case examples and clinical discussions, facilitate our understanding and implementation of processes that may assist clients in increasing personal responses.

We may respond to life problems and crisis ‘automatically’, that is, in a manner that initially secures our existence through coping reactions. These include avoidance/flight, hyperactivity, aggression or freezing/dissociation. These reactions are helpful in overcoming the initial situation, and as such need to be understood and accepted. However, over time, we may invite a different response, a more personal response grounded in human freedom. Such personal responses may include endurance of difficult situations and emotions and, ultimately, its acceptance. 

How to deal with meaninglessness?

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19.00 - 19.30


It is a specific challenge in our daily lives: that we have everything needed for a good life but sometimes do not know what we should live for.


  • What gives us orientation?

  • What gives us fulfillment?

  • When we are suffering, how do we support ourselves?

  • Meaning is a complex question and it is important that counsellors and therapists have a good understanding of what it is and how it can be found.

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The aim of Existential Analysis:

to  discover a way of living

that enables us to give

inner consent

to our actions

(''affirmation of life'').

Working with depression some tips from Existential Analysis

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19.00 - 19.30

(London time) 

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Depression is the most common psychopathology in our society. It is a constant feeling that life is not good and can even lead to the feeling that one does not want to live anymore.


  • But what is present in its essence?

  • How can we better deal with it and  arrive at a healing process?

What does it mean to suffer from anxiety?


19.00 - 20.00 

(London time) 

Anxiety causes life to be narrow and full of insecurity. Thus, anxiety can block our actions and paralyze the person.


It is a very common experience which can sometimes become a very impactful disorder.

  • What does anxiety consist of?

  • How can it be understood?

  • What can we do to combat it?

Being oneself – how to become more oneself. Fundamentals for working with histrionic persons

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19.00 - 19.30 

(London time) 

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Fundamentals for working with histrionic persons

Hysteria is superficially very widely known  and thus often used to insult people. But hysteria is a real disease and needs a good understanding, as people truly suffer from this affliction and therefore, should not be ridiculed.

Existential Analysis offers a deep understanding of this disorder and also provides tools for how to handle and treat it.

The specifics of existential practice:

strict (phenomenological) openness and dialogue

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19.00 - 19.30 

(London time) 

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In this presentation we reflect on a specific form of treatment in Existential Analysis and how to apply it.


  • What do we have to pay attention to?

  • What is the focus of our work?

  • What do we try to avoid and why?

  • How can we improve our work and add a specific existential note to it?


Existential Analysis and

Logotherapy in the UK


Dr Laengle is the founder of Existential Analysis. He is the organiser and is responsible for the training students will undertake in EA. He is assisted in the UK by Julia Morozova and Aleksandra Kupavskaya. Both are trained psychotherapists and assist Dr Laengle in the running of Existential Analysis in the UK.

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