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IMEC International Meaning Conference: 25 July 2020

25th July, from 12PM to 10PM

Inspiring webinars from world-leading psychologists and therapists, interactive workshops, social connections & networking, live music!

In April this year we were watching with excitement how the professional psychological community responded to problems and challenges brought by Covid-19. Psychological centres and individual specialists throughout the world have been granting access to their resources free of charge, lowered their prices and provided free psychological help via consultations. The sheer amount of information that has become available, on one hand, has been admired by many people, on the other hand though, there has been a feeling that the person who needs support was about to drown in this informational stream. It seemed that not knowing what to get from this informational stream could lead to yet another stress.

We thought that it’s important to provide you with tools to orientate yourself in this informational space and various self-help methods. Therefore, we have come up with a splendid idea to organise a virtual conference, so you can learn, share, connect and get inspired.

Join more than 40 live lectures and workshops by world-leading speakers, or revisit their sessions afterwards, as we will release the recordings for all conference participants.

  • Learn how we can live a meaningful life in times of pandemics and political crisis.

  • Develop skills to help others live a meaningful life.

  • Understand how a more meaningful society is possible.

  • Share your experiences and enjoy live music, theatre and a movie.

The online discussion forum and the social events rooms will remain available to the participants after the event. Experience this uniquely meaningful event!

For more information on speakers and the event, please press this link.

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