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Open Supervision with Dr Alfried Laengle on 3rd February, 2022 (2 cases)

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Join us on February the 3rd 19.00-21.30 (London time), to experience a in-depth supervision session

with Dr. Alfried Laengle

During this supervision session, we will be discussing two case studies from Alfred's colleague.

This is an excellent opportunity to see the existential approach applied to real case studies.

Why is supervision needed?

When future therapists undergo their training and begin their professional therapy practice, it is essential that qualified therapists supervise them to make sure that they do not put themselves or their clients at risk.

The supervisors help their protégés assess their own performance and deal with challenging situations. The supervisor analyses the client's individual working skills, style and methods.

The supervisor focuses on solving problems that arise in a given session and, if necessary, guides the supervised person in individual therapy.

This event is only for professionals, such as psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists

When: Thursday 3rd February, 7pm

Where: Zoom online webinar.

Cost: £15

Places are limited. Book your tickets now!

Register by booking your tickets from the button below:

Existential Analysis can be described as a phenomenological and person-oriented psychotherapy, which aims to guide individuals towards leading their life more freely and authentically. It supports them in coming to terms with their own emotions and behaviours, while living more in line with their ‘inner consent’ and with greater freedom and awareness. The main goal of Existential Analysis is to see a person in their core essence, assisting them to find meaning and fulfilment, and to live in harmony with their values.


Psychotherapist, Existential Analyst, Clinical Psychologist, MD, Ph.D. Successor for Viktor Frankl.

Scientific developments in Psychotherapy and Existential Analysis. PS:

This supervision is part of the introduction to the 5-year training programme for psychotherapists, which starts in April 2022.

It is a hybrid programme: 3/4 online and 1/4 offline.

This is an opportunity to get a diploma in Existential Psychotherapy and Counselling GLE International, MSc Existential Analysis (University of Salzburg, Austria) and Individual application for accreditation with UKCP.

Dr Alfried Laengle will give a short presentation about the programme at the end of the supervision.

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