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Life seminar in London with Dr Laengle

Students from all over the world came to London for our first off-line seminar at Existential Analysis course! This was a hybrid meeting indeed. Most of the students joined off-line and enjoyed the magic atmosphere of Clementy house with its green courtyard and sound of piano in the breaks. Some students joined on-line, as well as Dr Laengle (he got covid, unfortunately, but yet did a splendid seminar). Thanks to technology, everybody could see everyone: we used a panoramic camera and a large screen.

We’ve learned and elaborated the main method of Existential Analysis - phenomenology and its application in work with clients and in our own life. We’ve highlighted the importance of living with inner consent and how that impacts our lives. We’ve studied some psychodiagnostic methods and tools. We’ve discussed what is a true help and what’s not.

It was a deep dive, but it's yet the beginning of a long journey, which you still can join. We foresee increasing demand for helping professions in the next few years. It is good opportunity for you to get a new profession or higher grade with a solid diploma from GLE International and a masters degree from Salzburg University!

You can see the feedback about this seminar in London from our students on YouTube.

We continue to deliver the hybrid format (3/4 on-line, 1/4 off-line in London or Vienna). Next on-line module from 10 to 12 of June will be dedicated to the First Fundamental Motivation of Existence. For more information and application click below.

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