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18 October 2018. What does it mean to really live?


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I am born and find myself in this world – but do I have the feeling to really live right now?

Did I ever have such a feeling of being really there?

What does it take to gain such experience, to be fully there and to participate in this world?

Whilst at the same time, can I be with myself in a good relationship?

The way to answer these questions is to take a phenomenological approach. What are you moved by and what are you dealing with?

We all have experiences.

We all have emotions.

What we need to do (the therapist and the patient), is to find the emotions which accompany the experiences.

If we do this:

  • - We free emotional experience

  • - We regain our essence

  • - We are able to answer the world in a self-accepting manner

  • - We can live a fulfilled life.

This mini-lecture will give more input into these questions.

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