20 March. Working with depression. Some tips from Existential Analysis


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Depression is the most common psychopathology in our society. It is a constant feeling that life is not good and can even lead to the feeling that one does not want to live anymore.

But what is present in its essence?

How can we better deal with it and arrive at a healing process?

The mini-lecture provides a better understanding of what is really mattering people whilst in depression, what their theme is and what they are looking for and need. This gives basic ideas of treatment and prevention.

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Existential Analysis and

Logotherapy in the UK


Dr Laengle is the founder of Existential Analysis. He is the organiser and is responsible for the training students will undertake in EA. He is assisted in the UK by Julia Morozova and Aleksandra Kupavskaya. Both are trained psychotherapists and assist Dr Laengle in the running of Existential Analysis in the UK.

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