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Our Curriculum

The International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-International) and The International Society for Existential Analytical Psychotherapy (ISEAP) (both Vienna, Austria) are providing a complete training in existential analytical psychotherapy and/or counselling in London, UK.

What is unique about training in Existential Analysis?

Many recent graduates of counselling/psychotherapy training programs note that they often do not feel well grounded in any particular orientation or approach. Part of the reason for this is surely that most Masters, PhD, and other training programs have adopted a generalist approach to teaching counselling/psychotherapy. This training program in Existential Analysis is designed to help counsellors/psychotherapists deepen their understanding of themselves as persons and the process of therapy through a well-rounded and in-depth curriculum in Existential Analysis.

Several aspects of the training in Existential Analysis are particularly unique and thus worth noting.

Firstly, as a phenomenological approach to counselling/psychotherapy, the training program is grounded first and foremost in the experiences of the trainees. We begin to understand concepts that are elaborated in the training (ex: acceptance, trust, meaning, inner consent, etc.) by understanding the ways in which these emerge in our own lives. This approach facilitates both a richer understanding of each concept and makes it more accessible to the therapist when it is encountered with clients.

Secondly, this emergent understanding is then deepened even further in individual and small group work between seminars (for more information, see EA requirements link below). Thus, each trainee is continually challenged to grow as a person and as a therapist. This not only adds to their effectiveness in their therapeutic work, but also enriches their access to felt values in life. Ultimately, the aim in our training is to ensure not only that trainees understand the theoretical content and applied techniques of Existential Analysis, but that they have matured and developed in their personalities as persons and as counsellors/psychotherapists.

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